a picture is worth a thousand words...

  • A tremendous effort … brilliant first open house!

  • You rendered the sea and the swimmers so beautifully! What a high quality!

    An exhibition full of vibrancy and light.

  • What a festival of blue and green! All good for the soul and for the heart!


  • The sea swimmer paintings are beautiful and so full of life. Beautiful composed yet dramatic ceramics. One of the nicest, most accommodating, ‘Houses’.

  • Stunning paintings!! Alli did not disappoint. Want them all. Such a treat. Music pots too.

  • There are not many people who paint the sea well. You are one who can.

  • The self-portraits in the studio are amazing and truly impressive rendering of the sea, they look so much nicer in real life!

  • Brilliant! I’ve enjoyed all the work – the swimmers, the portraits, the ceramics. Would love to see more!

  • The small portraits in your stunning studio were vivid and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your space.

  • Love the seagull portraits!

  • Ali's work encapsulates one of the many great aspects of Brighton, combining the creativity of the city with the community of local people who enjoy the sea.

    This is the first time that Alli has exhibited and her house looked absolutely beautiful with the works very carefully curated to appear more like a gallery. Incredibly professional and thoughtfully presented.

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